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Along with my own designs I also offer Handle & Sheath services for the Spyderco Mule Team.  I love the design of this knife and can either acquire the knife for you or you can send me your personal one for scales and a matching sheath.  


Most packages run $390 + shipping:  includes your choice of Black Micarta or G10 with 1 Fiber Color Choice for Spacer Material. Colors available: Black, Grey, White, Emerald Green, Cinnamon Red, Red, Yellow, and sheath.


Sheath will be a Black Kydex Sheath with Black Rivets.  

Any changes made to the standard package will increase pricing. 

Mules can be sent in to me or I can order one on your behalf.  

Handle Material Upgrades:

Colored G10/Micarta: $10

Woods ranging in price from $30-$100

Carbon Fiber: $60

Thunderstorm Kevlar: $70

All Resin Based Handle Materials starting at $55

G10 Spacer Materials add $5

Colors include: Lime Green, Blue, Ivory, Black, Yellow, Orange, Pink, OD Green, White, Tan, and Dark Purple


Sheath Upgrades:


  • Kydex Color (other than black): $15


Carbon Fiber, White, Clear, OD Green, Orange, Brown, Tan, Real Tree Camo, Lime Green, Dark Red, Blue, and Pink.  Can also special order patterns.



  • Second Kydex Accent Color adds $5

  • Colored Rivets add $5: stocked to match spacer materials.  I also have brass.  


Acid Etch/Stonewashed Blade: add $25



Please email me for more details or option examples.

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