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  • To purchase a knife you must be 18 years or older.  You also must also be aware of your local state knife laws. 

  • When making a final payment, it is expected within 3 days of notification or I will have to move onto the next order and your wait time will increase.  If no contact has been made after the 3 days your order will be removed from the run until contact has been made. This excludes orders that have been paid in full upfront. 

  • All deposits are non refundable.  If you request a refund on a paid in full knife for any reason please note the deposit will be taken out of the final cost.  Also if the knife has already shipped out to you the cost of shipment will also not be refundable and will need to be returned at your cost before your refund is processed. 

  • International Orders are accepted!  Please work with me directly via email so that we can get your shipment fees adjusted for your international rates. 

  • Screech Owl Knives is not responsible for any injuries or damage caused by our knives.

  • By proceeding with an order you are stating that you are in agreement with all policies stated on this page.  


We respect your privacy.  Therefore we never share or sell your personal information with any third parties.  Any information collected through this site is intended to be used for this transaction only.  Your personal information is secured via SSL Technology.


​- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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