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When designing this knife I had lightweight on my mind.  I wanted something that you could carry around all day while outdoors and never know it was there. 


Knife Specs:

Comes standard in 1/8" Thick 01 Tool Steel

Overall Length: 9-3/8"

Cutting Edge: 4-1/4"


This is your go-to outdoor knife. The Thicket Buster is my Bushcraft Style Knife that is very useful around the campsite, while hiking or when needed to survive. 


This model is the first model I designed and made for myself and have been making them ever since.  When designing this knife my goal was to create a perfect mixture between a knife and a hatchet. 


Knife Specs:

5/16" O1 Tool Steel

9.5" Overall Length

4.75" Cutting Edge

True Scandi Grind Bevels

This knife comes standard with the following:

Your Choice of Black Micarta or Black G10

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