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 It is my take on a great knife design and I find it to be very useful!  The Puukko knife has been a companion to the Finnish woodsman for around a 1000 years and is still a very popular knife today. 


The knife is light and slim and very easy to carry,  It excels at task such as skinning, cleaning fish and woodcarving.  It features a 3/4" height flat grind with a micro bevel for versatility and ease of maintenance.  I can make this knife also with a scandi grind if preferred. 


The flared tubes attaching the handle allow this knife to be lashed to a stick to make a spear in a survival situation.  A contoured wooden handle can be made for this knife to make it a very comfortable work knife.


Knife Specs:

Made from 1/8" 01 Tool Steel. 

8-3/4" Overall Length

4-1/4" Cutting Edge. 


This model comes standard with:

Black Micarta or G10

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